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Create major life changes

with guidance for individual yoga practices or teachers

Yoga Mentorships that help you

Be The Vision You Seek

No other time in history has required you to step fully into yourself as it does today. Evelyne's direct mentorships provide the opportunity to find your way to your own practice, helping you to discover your true voice in today's world. 

Create the Practice You Want

As a renown teacher and longtime practitioner, Evelyne Serais, will guide you through your own path to strengthening your connection to yoga - helping to transform your teachings or develop a lifelong bond to your practice.


Apply Now

Gain access to your custom mentorship by applying below and going through a short call with Evelyne to identify your best direction.


Dive into Your Practice

Discover the common shortfalls and direct paths to your own transformation through yoga.


Live New

Walk through life and your own studio rooms with a newfound confidence and knowing - closer to the person you're here to be.

Work 1-on-1 to strengthen and deepen your relationship with yourself (inside and out) through yoga.

Want to deepen your practice?

Work 1-on-1 to strengthen and deepen your relationship with yourself (inside and out) through yoga.

Looking to develop your teachings?

Live the Vision.

Apply for mentorship and live the vision you have for the world.

Being guided by Evelyne helps to find that safe place to get connected and grounded. Evelyne creates an atmosphere of universal practice - and helps to promote more authentic practice. The difference is the safety and energy that she brings to her classes. I highly recommend Evelyne as a yoga teacher and spiritual guide to shepherd anyone wanting to expand and grow their own practice as they journey through this life.

 Legacy Practitioner  |  October, 2021

In terms of quality, Evelyne is in a class of her own. I have been practicing yoga for decades. I have practiced with "the names," the well-known yoga hot shots in Boston, New York, at yoga retreat centers from New England to Hawaii, even India etc. Evelyne is the best of the best. She keeps her classes real and heart-centered, because she is real and heart-centered. That's how she differs. She's authentic. She brings her authenticity to class, every class, no exception. I feel very lucky to have found her.

Legacy Practitioner  |  October, 2021

Evelyne not just teaches yoga, she  lives yoga. She vibrates on the yoga frequency. That's why her  classes are spontaneous, in harmony with flow. She artistically applies  ancient yoga knowledge to modern life situations. It becomes a wisdom.

Legacy Practitioner   |  October, 2021

There's no time 
greater than your presence.

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