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Let go.

Expert Thai Yoga Bodywork custom treatments to boost and balance energies.

Allow. Deep Relaxation.

Balance the body, in all ways and come away with a sense of calm, balanced presence.

 Get back in the body with an expert multi-layered approach to Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Your Path to Rejuvenation

An expert practitioner, Evelyne Serais will  help you  identify and release tension areas in the body and mind, regardless of their nature.


Apply Now

Gain access to your treatments by applying below and going through a short call with Evelyne to identify your best direction.


Let Go

Allow your body to rest into the process while you feel years of tension release and melt away.


Live Natural

Begin to experience a body of levity, pulsating with the energy of life and a mind more clear without distraction.

You deserve 
to live natural.

Do you struggle to relax and revive?

Thai Bodywork therapy will help your energies move, improve circulation and give profound calm.

You hold tension in the body, especially problem areas.
You experience chronic tightness in body and mind.
You are looking forward to more fluidity and creativity 
You’d like to allow more and are ready to let go!

Complete Rejuvenation

Thai Bodywork brings best, lasting results through a series of visits. Each qualified recipient will receive an agreed upon number of sessions, along with an evaluation and consultation on tension points and increasing bodily awareness for greater function.

A Package for Optimal Results

Walk with expansion.

Apply for treatment and bring your body to its natural state with your custom Thai Bodywork package.

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