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Meditative Space Design

Custom designed spaces that support your growth.

Step into a space that makes life easier.

Used for everyday living in full homes or single rooms for meditation, interiors designed by Evelyne are an opportunity to dive into your needs and have space that serves and supports you in living well - elevating a sense of sustained peace and comfort.

How it Works

Working with your lifestyle and needs for your space, Evelyne borrows from an eclectic and cultured taste - often sourcing hard-to-find items. To make your space uniquely yours every choice is made in line with the principles and sensibility of yogic practices, giving you a space of balance with rooms that support whole states of being and deeper meditation. 


Get Started

Get in touch by filling out a request for design. There is currently no limit to project locations. or amount of rooms.


Get Into The Flow

Begin the process by meeting with Evelyne. Learn more of what helps you excel and brings you balance.


Live With Inspired Peace

Enjoy days that feel supportive, nurturing and meditative in spaces designed just for you and your goal of living well.

Meditative space design

Your space determines how you live.

Do you struggle to relax and revive?

Thai Bodywork therapy will help your energies move, improve circulation and give profound calm.

You hold tension in the body, especially problem areas.
You experience chronic tightness in body and mind.
You are looking forward to more fluidity and creativity 
You’d like to allow more and are ready to let go!

Begin Your Space

Live in spaces that support your growth and inspire.

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