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Create more balance and stability

Hatha Yoga Classes that

Fuel Self-Compassion.

Our Hatha Yoga classes are lead to help inspire creativity, take pause and develop ways to bring more peace and awareness within without being harsh. 

Learn more of who you are by finding the right class to begin.

Creative, Direct and Nurturing

With fluidity, understanding and expert touch, Evelyne Serais has been leading Hatha Yoga practices for thousands in a way that is both masterful and direct - as well as compassionate, full and open. 

Guided by her own depth of experience in a diligent practice and her tenure as a renowned studio owner and trainer, a lesson with Evelyne includes expert guidance on yogic philosophy, anatomy and breath work. A means of driving you deeper within while noting the very things that need just the right attention.

Upcoming Hatha Classes

Are you ready to do more with your practice?

Our Hatha Yoga practices will help you overcome daily stressors for increased resiliency & serenity.

You’d like a practice that is effective but still gentle.
Finding time to be within yourself is a priority.
Yoga practices tend to make you feel harder on yourself.
You’re going through the motions without joy.

Navigate the adventure of a changed world. Inside and out.

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Classes available online or in person, individually or in class packs.

Evelyne is a master teacher - a true teacher's teacher. Her narrative is infused with yoga philosophy, anatomy, and expert use of breath work. And she has a great sense of humor, and an ability to meet all students where they are and to offer possibilities for all. Before doing even one posture today I felt like my practice was complete. Amazing class.

Hatha Practitioner   |  January 08, 2022

Evelyne's classes are both physically challenging and deeply spiritual. No two classes are the same and she is very precise in explaining proper alignment. She is an inspiration and a treasure

Hatha Practitioner  |  January 06, 2022

Yoga with Evelyne always leaves me with something new to ponder and practice. I love that she always offers modifications for those of us that have some physical injuries, in addition to offering words of wisdom to keep us/me mindful.

Hatha Practitioner   |  April 17, 2021

More Guidance for a changing world.

As your guide to all things yoga, I will be here to help you along your process, online or in person. Before or after each class, I will be available to answer questions to make sure you get the most out of each practice.

Ask Me Anything Before & After Class

Class Packs Available 

Multiple Teachers 5 Class Pack


(Only $95)

Multiple Teachers 10 Class Pack


(Only $170)

Evelyne's classes ONLY 10 Class Pack


(Only $150)

Or Drop-In For $20

Your hatha practice 
is meant to Inspire.

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