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Go deeper within through guided rest, sound and touch.

Book classes in your favorite practice that works best for you or access all of them with a class pack.

Navigate the adventure of a changed world. Inside and out.

Book your next class with Evelyne

Classes available online or in person, individually or in class packs.

Deep rest and relaxation

One-on-one Nidra Meditation Classes to help you find connection with

Let the world fall away in just the right way.

Nidra gracefully balances body mind and emotions through guided restful meditation, so you can move throughout your day with profound attention and stillness.  

Gain Clarity, Insight and New Perspective

Evelyne Serais began her journey into yoga much like everyone else. Thinking the internal "problems", stresses, torments or distractions would interfere with her practice, she realized in her first formal Nidra session that the practice worked directly with these things she had wanted to avoid.

In her first session she gave her mind a true break. With more clarity and insight pouring in after class. She found that, from her session, she was still able to gain a sense of wellbeing, DESPITE the external problems still existing.

From here, a new feeling of being able to deal with and approach problems came into being - a new way to see issues and a perspective on things and on life. Today, Evelyne has guided thousands into deep Nidra to gain their own perspective and insight from how they thought it to be toward the way it truly is.

You ought to live Rejuvenated.

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