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Heartlight Meditation with Gulrukh Bala

Achieve balance as you focus on letting go, building flexibility and releasing aches and pains

  • 1 h

Service Description

Cost: $30, payable in cash in class. To register, email Gulrukh at , or text at 646 628 4247 . We are our own best awakeners. Practice and repetition creates magic within all. WHAT WILL WE DO? Known as Heartlight Ascension, we enter the profoundly relaxing stillness within. A state of quietude flows, which activates our parasympathetic nervous system, bringing balance to our sympathetic nervous system. Our heart rate slows down and we rise in energy levels. Our rhythmic flow of breath is restored, our awareness expands, our heart chakra opens and we are able to focus on the specific intention we wish to encode. The empowering vibrations eliminate stress. May sessions: Week 1 Chakra cleansing with focus on releasing resistance. Week 2 Chakra cleansing with focus on forgiveness Week 3. Chakra cleansing focusing on appreciation. Week 4 Chakra cleanse focusing on breath work through every chakra.

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