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Full Moon Release + Restore Workshop

Learn about the moon's influence on the body; support release and renewal in a fun, supportive way!

Service Description

$30/class, email Kerri directly at to register. While the new moon is a time to set intentions for the future, make some plans and get things going, the full moon is a time to sit back, reflect, and let go of things that may once have served you, but are no longer needed. It’s also a time people, especially women, may feel emotions intensify which is no coincidence! (Think about how the tides are impacted and that our bodies are about 60% water too!) MoonStruck: Full Moon Release + Restore Workshop Series offers a space for women to learn about the impact of the moon’s cycles on their bodies and to gather and explore a multi-faceted approach… movement, meditation, journaling and group discussion… to support release and relaxation during this time of heightened energy. Absolutely no prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary, only the willingness to perhaps step a couple toes out of your comfort zone in a safe, non-judgemental, “come as you are” space!

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